Have you been thinking about getting into counseling or therapy? 

Have you been struggling with grief, anxiety, depression and just don't know what to do? Are issues from your past haunting you? You feel you make progress but then you get triggered, feel overwhelmed and hopeless, then anxious and depressed.

Are you and your partner struggling in your relationship? Do you miss what you used to have together? Research shows that couples wait too long to get help. See my blog to read a great article by Dr. Margaret Rutherford about this. 

Are you a caregiver feeling depressed and burdened by how much your life has changed?  How much your loved one has changed? Do you feel guilty for feeling resentful? I want you to know these are normal feelings that many caregivers experience but don't know what to do with. Caregivers don't often think about getting into counseling because they don't have the diagnosis. However, caregivers are at greater risk for depression, anxiety and physical illness.

 Getting support, identifying and understanding your feelings and thoughts, developing self-care strategies and skills for increased coping helps you feel validated, be more confident and stay healthier whatever challenges and problems you are struggling with. 

I am a LCSW providing counseling for 30 years and specialize in working with people struggling to cope with very difficult situations such as life threatening and life limiting illnesses, caregiver issues, grief and loss, relationship and family difficulties and those experiencing depression and anxiety. 

I believe therapy can be emotionally supportive and practical too, in helping you develop skills to cope more effectively, to get the most out of your life. I work in a warm, collaborative way. And of course, there will be times the work will be painful, but we will laugh together as well.  Let's talk and see if we'd be a good match for working together.